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Master the art ofCompetitive Programming

A Learn Competitive Programming Program for Students & Professionals

You could be a student looking to master competitive programming. You could be a competitive programming beginner. You could be a professional. You could be a fresh graduate looking for a job, a seasoned professional looking for a switch to a top product company, or someone aiming to learn competitive programming and make it big at the ICPC or IOI. Whoever you are, as long as you want to get to the next milestone of your programming journey, you’re at the right place

Complete Content for CP from Elementary to Advanced

Be it elementary concepts like flowcharts or any programming language, or be it advanced concepts like Dynamic Programming, Graph Algorithms, Segment Trees or Computational Geometry - the programme is vast, comprehensive, and covers every aspect, and will help you master competitive programming

Learn from Top Educators

We have celebrated programmers coming together under one roof to help you learn competitive programming and give you the best learning experience through online LIVE classes.

They include ICPC World Finalists, IOI medalists, IOI trainers, ICPC Regional Judges, experts working in top tech companies, top-rated competitive coders on CodeChef and CodeForces, among others. You’re in good hands and this is the perfect place for any competitive programming beginner to start their journey.

Live Interactive Teaching

We do it through interactive live sessions - real-time, doubt-resolutions during live classes. Also access to Recorded Videos of all Past Live Sessions

If that doesn’t cover your doubts, head over to the dedicated Discord channel for a post-class doubt-resolution session.

Weekend BootCamps, Live Workshops, Micro-Courses & much more

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Take forward your CP Journey

CodeChef with Unacademy have come together to help you advance your Career. Read about programme details before you get started. It will help you get an overall understanding about the programme.