Program Details

About the Programme

This is a learning programme on Unacademy by CodeChef

This programme is for everyone - both students & professionals.

Learn from the best educators.

Daily live interactive sessions

Learn everything - from elementary to advanced.

Courses in both English and Hindi

Access to all recorded sessions

The lectures in this programme are divided into following medium

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A | Events & Bootcamps  Free

Apart from the information-packed Live classes on various aspects of programming, the program comes aided with a number of auxiliary events, making it as comprehensive as possible.

Stretches for 2-3 days

Like Bootcamps on some special topics, like DSA

Example, ICPC training series

B | Micro Courses   Free

A weekly sub-program that covers a group of related topics, Micro Courses offer an end-to-end understanding of particular concepts over a short period of days.

Sessions held every day

3-5 sessions for each micro course

Weekly new courses

Shorter topics

Free for all

C | Courses   PLUS

Plus courses are courses that can be accessed only by a subscribed user of the Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef category.

Broader topics

These are detailed and deep

Focus on Problem Solving

We have multiple courses starting every month

Courses on everything, from topics on absolute beginners like introduction to programming to advanced topics like computational geometry

Includes Plus benefits

D | Batches  Plus

One of the most awaited learning bundles launched under the subscription program is the Batches. A batch is similar to offline college batches that consists of a group of registered students with a predefined curriculum covering a subject end to end.

We have different batches starting every now and then.

Batches are Courses linked together to give a structured learning with a defined goal.

Batches are for absolute beginners, beginners, intermediates, advanced, placement preparation, ICPC preparation

Includes Plus benefits

Weekend BootCamps, Live Workshops, Micro-Courses & much more

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Plus Subscription

Plus Subscription programme has the following “Plus Benefits”.

Detailed & Structured learning in the form of Courses & Batches

Access to handpicked problems from CodeChef.

Highly qualified Teaching Assistance to solve your doubt during and after the sessions

Dedicated chat support on Discord